Select Side final details

We’re in the home stretch, and the first NEWCRC Select Side teams will take on the Colonial Coast’s this Saturday at CCSU.

1) Rosters
Final rosters for the Men’s and Women’s sides are out! Email me if you need a copy!
2) Final Practice – Thursday 4/25 8pm @ CCSU
Ryan has secured the CCSU turf for a joint practice (men and women) on Thursday night at 8pm – one last run-through to get things set.
3) Player packages
The jerseys are almost in! (Design attached, if you don’t remember what they looked like…)
There will be a basic $25 player participation cost for all players that helps cover refs and trainers, and will include a pair of white rugby shorts with the NEWCRC logo on them for gameday.
(If it’s absolutely impossible for a player to cover this cost, please let us know.)
Also, if the players want to buy their jersey at cost, they can for an additional $40 (great price for a jersey). Otherwise the jerseys will stay with the conference for next year’s team.
4) Schedule for Saturday 4/27 @@ CCSU
Then on Saturday there’s a full day of rugby at CCSU, thanks primarily to Ryan Ginty’s arrangements, with the following schedule:
  • 11:30am – Hartford Ronin U19 vs. Fairfield Prep
  • 1pm – CCSU Men vs. Canadian Touring Side (40:00 match)
  • 2pm – Hartford Wanderers vs. Village Lions (men’s club)
  • 3:45pm – Hartford v Lions B-side
  • 5pm – NEWCRC Men vs. Colonial Coast Men
  • 7:45pm – NEWCRC Women vs. Colonial Coast Women
Let me know if you have any questions, and look for those rosters tomorrow!
Matthew Cameron
Head Coach
Brandeis University Women’s Rugby Club
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